Why You Should Start Grooming Your Puppy From An Early Age


Grooming your puppy has more benefits than you may realize!

Unless he’s been getting himself into some sort of mischief, your little tyke probably has soft fur and that lovely puppy smell. While it might not seem like he needs it yet, it’s important to start his grooming regime as soon as possible. Not only will it make things easier for you in the long run, there are a number of reasons that you might not have even considered before. Be sure to start things slowly when grooming you pup, as a bad experience could put him off for life.

Getting in the Swing of Things

If you start grooming your puppy from a young age, this will stand him in good stead for his adult years. When puppies are under 12 weeks old, they’re at the stage where they’re most tolerant and accepting of new and unusual situations. Therefore, if you expose your pup to a range of different grooming techniques in this time, it’s likely that he’ll never have a problem with being groomed. This will make things much simpler for you, especially if you have a large dog. After all, it’s much preferable to have a pooch who sit quietly while you brush him or hop into the bath on command, than having a battle of wills every time you want him to get clean. It’s not only useful for grooming – if your puppy gets used to staying still to be touched and groomed, this translates well to other situations, for instance, when he needs to be examined by a veterinarian. Remember that there’s more to grooming than just brushing, you should also brush your puppy’s teeth, clean his ears out and bathe him occasionally. If your puppy comes to you later in life, this doesn’t mean that he won’t learn to accept a grooming regime; it may just require a little more time and patience.

Bonding With Your Pup

Grooming, especially brushing, is a great way of bonding with your puppy. Once he’s used to being brushed, it can be a very pleasurable experience for him. Plus it means he’s getting some one on one time with his beloved owner. Bonding with your dog in this way will help him to build a sense of trust toward you. While this is important for all dogs, it’s particularly vital for rescue pups, who might not have had the best start in life. A dog who trusts his owner is easier to train and also feels generally more secure, confident and happy.

Staying Healthy and Comfortable

Although your puppy might seem clean and fresh, grooming is still beneficial for his health and wellbeing, so the sooner you start the better. Regular brushing and semi-regular bathing is vital for maintaining a healthy skin and coat. How regularly you need to brush your puppy will depend on his coat length and type. If you’re unsure how often you should be brushing him, consult your veterinarian or a professional dog groomer. However, a long haired dog will usually require daily brushing. If your puppy has a long or medium coat and you don’t brush him regularly, he’s likely to get mats in his fur, which will cause him some discomfort. Your pup should be bathed at least once every six months, but no more than once every two months, unless he’s managed to get himself exceedingly mucky! About 80 percent of dogs over the age of three have gum disease, but this is entirely preventable with regular tooth brushing. Clean your dog’s teeth daily from an early age and he should have strong, healthy teeth and gums for his entire life.

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