Thanksgiving For Pets




Halloween is over and there’s another fun holiday coming soon!

Thanksgiving is the day that we spend lots of time with our families and eat lots of good food. It’s a great time of year!

Your dog can have fun, too, if you remember that he needs love and attention during all of the holiday activity.

What will your dog going be doing? It can be fun to share the holidays with your dog. You will have the day off from school and while the parents are visiting with each other, your dog would be grateful for some extra attention. Maybe a game of fetch or hide-and-seek?

Here’s a tip for you. Before all of the holiday activity starts take your dog for a long walk. If you’re too young, invite your mom or dad to go with you. Your dog will enjoy the activity and you will be giving him some exercise, which is good for his health and yours.

Also, tiring your dog out will help him to relax and behave better when all the company arrives. If you are going to someone else’s house, your dog will sleep better while you’re gone.

Holidays are fun for dogs. When they hear someone drive up they’ll get excited, too. And when people arrive at the door, your dog may try to jump on the company. It’s not good manners to let your dog jump on people.

If your dog has a problem with keeping his feet on the floor, teach him to have better manners by reading the page, Jumping Up. Go ahead, you have time – teach your dog some manners for Thanksgiving!

Everyone will probably be very busy cooking andvisiting with friends and relatives. You might help out by preparing your dog’s regular meal and feeding him before the company arrives.

There will be lots of tempting foods at your Thanksgiving table. Try not to feed your dog these foods. The wrong foods can upset your dog’s tummy.Turkey is great. It smells good and tastes even better. You might be tempted to give your dog some turkey when he looks at you with his big puppy-dog eyes. But remember that your dog’s own food still provides him with the best vitamins. Meats that your dog doesn’t usually eat may cause stomach upsets and your dog will not feel well.

Bones from turkey and chicken can be very dangerous for your dog. They are just too small for any dog to chew on and they can be swallowed. These bones are very sharp and can hurt your dog. If you must feed your dog some turkey, give him only meat and be very careful there are no bones in it. Covering the trash will also keep your dog safe from these harmful bones.

If your dog is in the house and part of the celebration, share him with friends and relatives. Show them the tricks that he can do. Don’t know any tricks? Well, get started with our Tricks page!

Some of the easiest tricks are shake, turn around, sit, which one, and come (to a whistle). Start now and practice for five to ten minutes, three or four times a day. Make it fun by praising your dog and giving treats for rewards. If you get tired or frustrated, stop and go back to it later. Always play with your dog for a few minutes after training. Have fun and good luck!

Here are some tricks that kids are doing with their dogs: Kids Teaching Tricks

If your dog seems to be tired or stressed, give him a place to go where he can relax and get away from the activity. Put him in a bedroom or in his own doghouse and give him a new toy. It will help him to calm down and rest.There is a lot of trash during the holidays. Make sure that the trash is not where your dog can get into it. Have your parents buy a trash can with a lid, or put the trash can under the sink in a cupboard. Help your parents by keeping an eye on your dog as much as possible. If you can’t watch your dog, find a quiet, safe place for him to relax. for more information visit


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